Financial Stability

Funded Partner Agencies Supporting Financial Stability in our Community

1,157 individuals served

$165,000 funds provided


Program Funded: Helping Hands

This program is designed to repair and rehabilitate homes of low-income elderly in San Angelo. They will restore the homes to make them safe, secure and weatherproof. Volunteers will preform the rehabilitation , which is at no cost to the homeowner.


Program Funded: Connected by 25

A program developed to address the problems of young people who will transition into adulthood without the support of family. Youth that have been in foster care are released at age 18. This program assists these young adults as they learn to support themselves, to form healthy relationships, to participate in their community, and to have education opportunities in order to prepare them to manage the challenges they will face.

Family Shelter

Program Funded: Peace Begins At Home

The Institute of Cognitive Development Family Shelter provides the Peace Begins at Home Program to victims of domestic/family violence in the Concho Valley. The Family Shelter provides an immediate, safe place for victims to escape the violence.


Program Funded: Adult Treatment

The Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley provides substance abuse treatment for adult males and females who are mostly indigent, at times homeless, and who cannot afford private-pay treatment systems and facilities. Services provided include specialized female treatment services for pregnant women and women with children. 


Program Funded: Peace Infant, Toddler and Pre-K Program

Trained staff and volunteers provide nutritious meals, loving care, and age appropriate developmental and educational opportunities for pre-school children of low-income working families.


Program Funded: Cubbies & Little Lions Afterschool Care Program

This is the only childcare facility in Ozona that operates 12 months out of the year. It offers affordable, high quality daycare and pre-school while also influencing the lives of the children and families it serves.