San Angelo police participate in 'Beards United' fundraising campaign

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Police officers are normally clean shaven because facial hair isn't allowed.

During the month of November, however, San Angelo police officers like Sgt. Travis Griffith grew a beard for a good cause.

"I would do it every day if I could. After about 15 or 16 years of shaving all the time, it’s nice to not be able to shave,” said Griffith.

The goal of "Beards United" was to raise money for United Way of the Concho Valley and to raise awareness about various health issues.

“We highlighted some men’s health statistics for the Concho Valley and specifically the suicide rate. It’s much higher here than the state and national average," said the United Way's Robyn Flores.

“Most officers that are out here, I would say 99-percent do this job because they care. It means something to them,” said Griffith.

The event raised about $7,000 for United Way of the Concho Valley overall.

San Angelo police raised $700 which exceeded their $500 goal.

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