Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month, celebrated throughout the month of June, aims to encourage men of all ages to take charge of their overall health by continuing to live a healthy lifestyle, receive proper care, and continue to be aware of health risks.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic health has been especially on the forefront of life. It has brought to light just how important being in good health is; but also being aware of preventable problems and encouraging early detection and treatment. 
According to the CDC 13.2% of men aged 18 and over in the United States are in fair or poor health. The top three leading causes of male deaths in the United States were Heart Disease, Cancer, and COVID-19 which became a new cause as of 2020. Unintentional injuries were the third leading cause in 2019, but after the Covid-19 pandemic hit moved down to fourth in 2020.
Many diseases men are prone to, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or type two diabetes, can be prevented or treated if caught early enough. That it why, it is so important to be aware of your health and ask for help. 

We were able to talk with Dr. Ralph Wurster from Shannon Medical Center about the significance of Men’s Health, trends in the Concho Valley, recommendations on taking care of your health, and the resources that Shannon provides. If you would like to continue to learn more about your health and different services, visit Shannon’s website or reach out with the number below. It is important to take control of your health, know your body, know the resources available to you, and continue to advocate for yourself.

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